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Department of Zoology

Motto: Let Knowledge Make You Free



The department celebrates World Environment Day on the 5th of June every year by planting trees, organising awareness talks, power point presentations, initiating puzhayoram beautification on the banks of Chalakudy River and distribution of appropriate medicinal plants.

Students are actively involved in conducting various awareness campaigns. A skit on importance of blood donation, brisk walks and distribution of gooseberry, bitter gourd juice and guava on various occasions for awareness about diabetes, distribution of “chukka kaapi” as a part of awareness of monsoon diseases were some of the issues that were addressed.

The students organise events to welcome the first years to make them feel at home and also conduct farewell functions for the final year students.

The staff of the department have been invited to give talks both in the college and in other institutions on various topics like awareness on diabetes, life style diseases etc. They regularly publish their research findings in peer reviewed journals.

The students are encouraged to present power point presentations at the college level on several topics.

Exhibitions on various themes are also organised by the students.

  • Dr. Salim Ali’s birthday was celebrated by bird watching. An exhibition “Ornithology - 2014” in connection with this was also organised.
  • An Expo “Vyvidhya – 2015” on biodiversity and effects of human activities was organised.

College level as well as intercollegiate Quiz programs and poster making competitions on various issues about the environment are conducted by the department on a regular basis.

The “BIOTA” Club for Awareness, Conservation and of Biodiversity was started in 2011 where importance to both plants and animals are given. The aim of the club was to conduct various activities related to biodiversity – such as Quiz programs, poster making competitions as well as classes on different aspects of biodiversity. A field visit is organised as a part of the club activities to biodiversity rich areas each year. The year 2010 was declared as the year of Biodiversity by United Nations and this club was started to commemorate this year. Each year a president and secretary were elected for the club who were responsible for conduct and reporting of activities of the club.

ZASHC voice – manuscript magazine and “Jeeva” a yearly departmental newsletter giving the news events of the past year is prepared by the students and published every year.

Every year the students go on a study tour visit places of zoological interest as a part of their curriculum. In this regard the staff and students have been to places such as Valparai, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Wayanad, Bandipur National Park, Ranganthittu Bird sanctuary, Mysore etc.

Students from the department have participated in different competitions (Quiz, poster making, power point presentations, debates, essay writing) conducted by other colleges and institutions in Thrissur district. They have brought glory to the department by winning many prizes.

The students of the department are regular winners of the Onam pookalam malsaram held in the college and they have also won first place in the Pookalam competition held at Thrissur in 2014.

Students of the department are regularly sent to visit exhibitions and other such activities organised by other colleges and institutions.

Students are taken to visit research institutes such as Central Marine Fisheries Institute (CMFRI) Kochi and Veterinary college, Mannuthy where research on aquaculture and animal husbandry are carried out.

Teachers and researchers from other institutes such as Veterinary College, Mannuthy take classes for the students on topics such as Dairy Science and ornamental fish farming.

As part of its UGC sponsored add on course on quail farming has collaborated with ward councillor and Kudumbasree units in and around the college campus to equip them with self employment.

The staff also keeps in touch with the students who have studied in the department through the alumnae association which meets regularly in the college.

In order to increase social awareness among students visit to places such as Anugraha Sadan (a home for the physically and mentally challenged children) Koodapuzha and Smile village Vettikuzhy are organised as a part of their Christmas celebrations.

Research activities by faculty members

Minor Project – “Production of vermi-compost and manufacture of animal feed from earth worms”, Dr. Sr. Valsala A D Sponsoring agency, University Grants Commission. Period of study – 2 years. Grant – Rs. 85,000.

Dr. Sr. Valsala A D was the Co guide of Dr. Jolly Thomas V for supervision of Ph. D Thesis titled “Studies on the antibacterial and antitumoral activity of liver extract of the big eye hound shark, Iago omenensis” which has been submitted to University of Madras, Chennai.

Dr. Jolly Thomas V and Dr. Tessy K L have guided M Sc. students in their dissertation project work in the field of aquaculture.

Guidance of project work of Undergraduate Zoology students by the staff of the department in the field of aquaculture, animal husbandry, biodiversity assessment, water quality testing etc.

  • Threats to biodiversity –an urgent need for sustainable management
  • Conservation Strategies for High Value Biodiversity Areas – Vazhachal Division
  • Biodiversity of Kerala, conservation, issues and challenges
  • Threats to biodiversity –an urgent need for sustainable management
  • Conservation strategies for Chalakudy river basin
  • Threats to biodiversity with special reference to conservation initiatives
  • Biodiversity : From crisis to cure
  • Biodiversity –the role of social activists
  • The importance of sustainable development to protect biodiversity
  • The wonderful world of snakes”
  • Love ,Life & Relationship
  • The importance of GM crops
  • Genetically modified crops and its advantages to mankind
  • Gene transfer techniques
  • Issues of GM crops
  • “Effective examination Exam Writing”.
  • Road to reach healthy heart
  • Cancer awareness
  • Advancements in the treatment of congenital diseases
  • An international seminar on the significance of bamboo, (Moonghae Nombi)
  • Introduction to world bamboo Day
  • Mariculture: an overview
  • The application of biological Sciences in aquaculture
  • Diversification in aquaculture with reference to sea bass
  • Anti-nutrition factors in fish feeds

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