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Re-accredited by NAAC with A+ grade (CGPA 3.55 out of 4) in 2017 (3rd cycle)




  • Staff Secretaries: Dr. Chacko Jose P, Dr. Molly John, Prof. Tomy M G
  • Staff Advisor: Dr. Santhosh Paul
  • Student Advisor (ccss): Dr. Jolly Thomas
  • College Union: Dr. Santhosh Paul, Prof. Bindu Jose, Adv. Roger Varghese, Ms. Smina M B
  • NSS: Dr. Tessy K L, Ms. Darly Mathew, Ms. Gracy M K, Sr. Thressiama P P     (Sr. Treasa Flower), Ms. Jini Thomas, Ms. Chithra K S, Ms. Fency
  • CSS Co-ordinators: All the Class Teachers
  • Controllers of Internal Examination: Ms. Darly Mathew, Dr. Jolly Thomas, Ms. Mini M J,. Mr. Joseph Chacko, Ms. Lekha Willy M, Ms. Jeslin Jose,           Ms. Deepika Raj
  • Controllers of University Examinations: Chief Supt. Prof. Maria Jose, Dr. Sr. Betty K P (Dr. Sr. Betsy), Sr. Mini U V (Sr. Jinsa), Smt. V O Mary, Ms. Bindu, Smt. Mariyam P R, Smt. Lissy P A
  • Career / Placement Guidance Cell & Inflibnet: Dr. Chacko Jose P, Prof. Tomy M G, Sr. Leena N K (Sr. Roseprabha), Prof. Krishnakumar, Prof. M D Varghese
  • Alumnae Association: Dr. Shirley Jose K, Prof. Tomy M G, Ms. Ria Thomas, Ms. Lekha Willy M, Ms. Maria Jose, Ms. Jini Thomas, Ms. Gracy M K
  • Catholic Activities: Dr. Sr. Betty K P (Sr. Betsy), Sr. Annam C O (Sr. Ann Joseph), Sr. Sheena Joseph K (Sr. Shanet), Sr. Stella, Sr. Mini U V, Sr. Jinsa & Student Sisters


  • Chairperson: Dr. Sr. Reena Ittyachan (Sr. Irene) (Principal)
  • Coordinator: Dr. Shirly Jose (Associate Professor, Detpartment of Economics)
  • Members: Sr. Mercykutty M M (Sr. Mercy Mathew) Asso. Prof. Dept. of Maths, Dr. Chacko Jose P (Asso. Prof., Dept. of Economics), Dr. Sr. A Princy Anto (Sr. Princy Jees) Asst. prof., Dept. of English, Prof. Tomy M G (Head of the Dept. of Commerce), Dr. Tessy K L (Asst. Prof., Dept. of Zology), Dr. Santhosh Paul (Asst. Prof., Dept. of Chemistry), Dr. Nijo Varghese (Asst. Prof., Dept. of Physics), Ms. Meenu Jacob (Asst. Prof., Dept. of History), Sr. Mary P A (Sr. Maries) Office Supdt., Sr. Leena N K (Sr. Roseprabha) Librarian, Sr. Lilly Maria Former Principal (Rep. of Management), Chairperson of College Union (student respresentative), Prof. Krishnakumar (Rep. of local community/ PTWA), Prof. Susan Kosy (Former IQAC coordinator and representative of local community), Mr. Wilson Kandamkulathy (CEO, Kandamkulathy Ayurveda Vaidyasla - Rep. of Industrialists), Ms. Maria Paul C. (Director, Navya Bakes and Confectinaries, Ernakulam - Rep.of alumini)


  • Principal, Dr. Molly John (Secretary ) Dr. Sr. A Princy Anto (Sr. Princy Jees), Dr. Laina A L, Smt. Mariyam P R. Co-ordinator: Dr. Chacko Jose P
  • Counselling Centre In-charge: Sr. Annam C O (Sr. Ann Joseph)
  • Fine Arts: Dr. Sr. Mini T V (Sr. Miranto), Ms. Julie P A, Ms. Maria Jose, Dr. Anto Flowrence T, Ms. Ria Thomas, Ms. Limi V G, Ms. Neethumol M S, Ms. Jesna, Ms. Jesmy John
  • College Magazine: Dr.Santhosh Paul, Dr. Rosy Thamby, Dr. Sr. Betty K P, (Sr. Betsy), Ms. Treasa Peter, Dr. Neetha V, Ms. Kavitha K K
  • College Hand book: Principal, Sr. Mary P A (Sr. Maries), Sr. Mercykutty M M (Sr. Mercy Mathew), Dr. Chacko Jose P
  • Catechism &Value : Dr. Sr. Mini T V (Sr. Miranto), Education Classes in Charge: Ms. Smina, Ms. Ria Thomas, Dr. Molly John
  • Media & publicity: Dr. Rosy T T, Photo: Prof. Joseph Chacko, Dr. Jolly Thomas, Mr. Jaison K T 
  • Events Report: Dr. Sr. A Princy Anto (Sr. Princy Jees)
  • Assembly: Ms. Libi Prakash, Ms. Heena Peethambaran, Prof. Joseph Chacko Dr.  Anto Flowrence T
  • Seminar Hall, Clare Hall: Mr. Jaison K T, Mr. Dinson
  • Audio visual Room: Mr. John V J, Ms. Nisha Joseph, Ms. Jesmy John
  • Women’s Cell and Equal Opportunity centre: Dr. Rosy T T, Dr. Neetha V, Ms. Vidhya K Soman, Ms. Mini M J


  • Tourism Club: Ms. Meenu Jacob
  • Encon Club: Dr. Chacko Jose P.
  • Energy Club: Dr. Nijo varghese
  • Campus Club: Prof. Joseph Chacko
  • Literary Club : Dr. Rosy T T, Dr. Molly John
  • Eco Club: Ms. Bindu Joy
  • Septungenarian’s Club: Dr. Sr. A. Princy Anto (Sr. Princy Jees)
  • Quiz Club: Dr. Santhosh Paul
  • E T Club: Ms. Ria Thomas
  • Eureka Club: Dr. Laina A L

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