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Dr. Chacko Jose P

Former HoD

Department of Economics


Publications / Seminar etc.

  1. Effect of NAAC Accreditation in improving quality in Arts and Science Colleges in Kerala
  2. Participatory well recharge programme for sustainable water management – The Kerala experience
  3. Exploitation of ground water resources by MNCs and resistance by local people – a study of Plachimada in Kerala
  4. Motivation Pattern of self-help group formation – a study with respect to SHGs in Kerala
  5. Women participation in managing environment for sustainable development: A historical perspective
  6. Twenty years of LPG and its impact on Indian planning mechanism
  7. Theoretical review of subsidy: market failure linkages with evidences from the Indian Economy
  8. Ecotourism, participatory environmental management and rural economic development
  9. Monetary Policy in India in the post liberalisation scenario
  10. An evaluation of macroeconomic tools in India in the post-recession phase
  11. Economic rationality, competitive markets and social entrepreneurship
  12. Consumer behaviour in multi brand retail stores in India – an analysis based on theoretical framework of economics

Chapter in a book

  1. Aging population and its socio economic consequences
  2. Service sector transformation in Kerala with special reference to higher education
  3. Inclusion of marginalised groups – a study with respect to tribal communities in Kerala
  4. Impact of organised multi brand retail stores on small and medium traditional retailers : A study with respect to Kerala
  5. Higher education in Kerala – a synoptic appraisal
  6. Impact of NAAC accreditation on enhancing quality in Higher education – a study with respect to Arts and Science Colleges in Kerala
  7. Higher education and inclusion – the case of tribal communities in Kerala
  8. Social banking and financial inclusion
  9. Economic stabilisation policies in the Indian framework – an appraisal in the context of global financial crisis
  10. Liberalisation of Retail Market and its impact on the consumers
  11. Digital technologies, gender and social inclusion


  1. Planning commission To NITI AAYOG : perspectives on Indian economy in transition
  2. Managerial Economics
  3. Mathematical Economics

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