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Re-accredited by NAAC with A+ grade (CGPA 3.55 out of 4) in 2017 (3rd cycle)



Quality education in a peaceful atmosphere. That’s Sacred Heart College.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the growing city, Sacred Heart offers an exhilarating, inspiring, peaceful and serene learning environment where your daughter’s dreams for quality education takes wings. Located three kilometers away from NH-47 and on the State Highway ,within close proximity to KSRTC and private bus stand, the college is also easily accessible.

The College boasts of an eco-friendly green campus with Naksthravanam of medicinal trees, Butterfly park, Spiritual park, fish pond, lotus pond etc.. That’s why at Sacred Heart, you would feel closer to the divine element within you which invokes your creativity.

Spiralling over 3 floors in a vast 26 acres of land , Sacred Heart is also home to all modern academic and social facilities:

  • International Seminar Hall (Luminous hall)
  • Auditorium
  • Audio visual Rooms with promethean board
  • Seminar Hall
  • Library
  • Science Labs
  • Language Lab
  • Computer Labs
  • Canteen
  • Store with Xerox Facility
  • Fitness centre
  • Playground with 400 m 8-lane track
  • Recreation centre
  • Hostel
  • Prayer Hall
  • Women’s Resource Centre
  • Fashion Designing Centre
  • Parking Facility

At Sacred Heart, we endeavour to create generations of intellectually excellent, morally upright, spiritually inspired and professionally sound young women who would become the lamps of the globalised world.

Audio-Visual Room & Auditorium

We have a state-of-the-art Audio-visual room which can accommodate 100 students. The room is specially used for for presentations that require resources beyond what a normal classroom can provide, for special presentations by visiting Faculty, and for in-class Project presentations.

Our Audio-visual Room has the following high-tech amenities:

  • HDTV (with NB Input)
  • Multimedia Speakers
  • Stereophonic Speakers
  • DVD Player
  • LD Player and Character Generator
  • Promethean Board

Equipped with a video projector, sound system, UPS and battery supported Windows computer, laptop interface and internet connection, we provide our students a rich audio-video learning experience.

A spacious 1500-seater decennial memorial Auditorium is another highlight of the college. The Auditorium is the venue for august occasions like the inauguration of the academic year, inter-collegiate fests, college day and graduation day and career guidance Day.

Seminar Hall

Our well-furnished, fully air-conditioned acoustic Seminar Hall is venue to all the Seminars and Conferences conducted frequently in the College. With a seating capacity of 300 and installed with the most modern equipments, we impart the best academic environment for the students. We have also ensured uninterrupted power supply to this hall.

Science Labs

The Science labs provide assistance in understanding concepts in Zoology, Physics, and Chemistry. Our modern, well-equipped laboratories ensure that students have an exceptional and rewarding lab experience.

Zoology Lab Equipments

  • Hot air oven
  • Trinocular microscope with camera
  • Electronic balance
  • Microtome
  • Kymograph
  • Centrifuge
  • Haemoglobinometer

Physics Lab Equipments

  • S.R.Technique (SANKARANARAYANAN-RAMASAMY Technique) for growing crystals
  • Constant Temperature Bath
  • Magnetic Stirrer
  • G.M.counter
  • Spectrometerh
  • Etalon
  • Lee’s Disc Apparatus
  • Hall Effect Apparatus
  • Electronic Audio Oscillator
  • High Power R.F. Oscillator
  • Viscosity Apparatus
  • Milikan’s Oil Drop Method
  • Electron Spin Spectrometer(ESR)
  • Malu’s & Brewster’s Apparatus
  • Microscope
  • Telescope
  • Semiconductor-Energy Gap Experiment Setup Model SEG201
  • Koieng’s Experimental Setup
  • Maxwell’s L/C Bridge Setup
  • Stefan Constant
  • Frequency Bridge Setup
  • Melde‘s String Apparatus
  • Lecher Wire Experiment Setup
  • Straight Edge Apparatus
  • Cornu’s Experimental Setup
  • Surface Tension-Jagger’s Method
  • Ultrasonic Interferometer)
  • Optical Fibre Characteristics
  • Arc Spectrum
  • Spectroscopic Analysis By Carbon Arc
  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
  • Digital Function Generator
  • Microprocessor
  • I C Trainer Kit
  • e/m By Thomson’s Method
  • Dimmerstat
  • Analog Function Generator
  • OMR
  • OPAMP Characteristics
  • MOSFET Characteristics

Chemistry Lab Equipments

  • Water Analyzer Unit
  • Digital ultra sonicator
  • Muffle furnace, temperature upto 900 0C
  • Digital spectrophotometer
  • Digital colorimeter
  • Digital conductivity meter with temperature sensitive probes
  • Digital PH meter with temperature sensitive probes
  • Potentiometer
  • Digital turbidity meter
  • Biological incubator
  • Autoclave
  • Digital balance (3 and 4 digits accuracy)
  • Digital oven with automatic temperature cut-off
  • Centrifuge machines
  • Magnetic stirrers with hot plates
  • Electric Bunsen burners
  • Testing kits for water quality analysis

Language Lab

Language Lab is an ideal place for making connections to various types of materials that are useful for Language study. The Lab serves the language learning and teaching needs of the Department of English. Lessons and exercises are recorded on a weekly basis so that the students are exposed to a variety of listening and speaking drills. This especially benefits students to improve their English and also aims at confidence-building for interviews and competitive examinations.

The Language Lab of Sacred Heart can accommodate 28 students and is fully air-conditioned. Fitted with audio-visual systems, headphones and projector screens, the language lab sessions also include word games, quizzes, extemporary speaking, debates, etc.

Computer Lab

The College has two roomy Computer labs, one each for undergraduate and post graduate courses. The Lab assists students in enhancing their chances of succeeding in technology-based class room assignments. In addition to this, the following courses are also offered:

PGDCA, DCA, DTP (Photoshop CS3, Page Maker, MS Office, MS Windows, Corel Draw, Internet and Email).

Facility for Web browsing is also available.

The following are the facilities at our Computer Labs:

B Sc. Lab

28 Computers, a Central Server, a high end HP Laser Printer.

Student - Computer Ratio - 1:1

M Sc. Lab

41 Computers, an Apple Mac PC with FCP

Student - Computer Ratio - 1:1


We have a canteen which caters to the food needs of the staff and the students. Our spacious canteen has separate rooms for the Staff and the students so that the best food could be relished with the best company.

Open from 8.15 AM, the canteen provides rich varieties of snacks, meals and beverages at reasonable prices. The Menu contains tasty dishes in both Veg and Non-veg. Special dishes are prepared during festive seasons (Onam, Diwali etc.) and special occasions (Seminars, Workshops, Sports Meet etc.).

Fitness Centre

A gym is the temple for all physique conscious people. In view of a healthy and happy lifestyle for our students, we encourage them to keep themselves fit. The Fitness Centre at Sacred Heart provides ample opportunity for our students and local women for work-outs which are an effective means to maintain good health.

Available Equipments

  • Abdominal adjustable bench
  • Deltoid Flexor
  • Orbi track
  • Chest press
  • Shoulder pulley
  • Power rider
  • Manual tread mill
  • Smith machine
  • Abdominal crunch
  • Bench Press

Playground & other Facilities

Sacred Heart provides advanced facilities for various outdoor and indoor games. Our vast 5 acres of Playground boasts of the following:

  • A 400 m 8-lane track
  • Football-cum-Cricket ground
  • Jumping pits and throwing sectors
  • Volley ball court
  • Ball badminton court
  • Basket ball court
  • Soft ball court
  • Kho-kho court

Other Facilities at the College include:

  • A good collection of sports equipments which include archery equipments, track cycles etc
  • A Recreation centre for indoor games like Carom, Chinese checker, Chess and Table tennis
  • A Day Care for for kids of staff and students
  • A Stall for stationery, books, confectionaries, photocopying and Desktop Publishing
  • Parking facility

Prayer Hall

Prayer is our source of strength. We believe that God guides us every moment. Since we aim at cultivating the same belief in our students, we also have a prayer hall for all Sacred Heartians to spend time in prayer.


Hostel is home away from home and the management ensures that students feel at home here. We have separate hostels for UG and PG students.

The PG hostel - Sacred Heart- can accommodate 50 students.

The UG Hostel - Thiruhrdayaram- sponsored by UGC, can accommodate 50 students.


  • Common Room with recreational facilities like TV with cable connection
  • Chinese Checker
  • Carom Board
  • Magazines and news paper
  • Computer room with internet facility

The students can also use the college playground and fitness centre in the morning and evening.

Admission is strictly on the basis of merit. 20% of the seats are reserved for students from Lakshadweep.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available. The students can go home every second week of the month. Visitors are allowed only on holidays.

We celebrate all festivals together. Fresher’s Day is an occasion for the new comers to exhibit their talents. We also organise Hostel tour which is a memorable event for every inmate.

Women's Resource Centre

Life is about reaching out to others. We at Sacred Heart maintains a Women Resource Centre aided by KSHEC which provides computer education not only to students but also to women of our locality.

Fashion Designing Centre

The Fashion Designing Centre at our College emphasizes on various crafts and has enabled the women to become successful entrepreneurs.

We provide training in the following areas:

  • Tailoring
  • Embroidery
  • Painting
  • Yoga
  • Jewellery-making
  • Cookery
  • Creative designing
  • Flower making and arrangement
  • Garment construction
  • Saree designing
  • Wooden art and Metal embossing


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