The Union and Fine Arts Inauguration at Sacred Heart College on November 3, 2023, was a vibrant celebration that marked the pinnacle of the eagerly anticipated College Union Elections held on November 1st, 2023. This College Union named 'Ekta 2023,' witnessed the official inauguration by Karthik Panigrahi IAS, Assistant Collector, Thrissur and the Fine Arts was inaugurated by the renowned radio jockey RJ Shambhu. The ceremony was graced by our constant presence, Principal Dr. Sr. Irene, who delivered an inspiring presidential address, setting the tone for the day. Alisha Christy Jophy, the Union Chairperson, extended a warm welcome to the gathering, while the former Union Chairperson Anna Julia B. Veliyan added to the festivity with her felicitation.

The programme was further enriched by Dr. V. Neetha, I. Q. A. C. Coordinator, who extended felicitations on behalf of the staff. Interactive sessions with the distinguished guests sparked excitement and engagement among the students, making the day even more memorable. Adding to the grandeur of the occasion, the College Dance Club showcased their impressive dance moves. And a music band led by the ex-Fine Arts Team, elevated the atmosphere. The former College Union, 'Ozora 2022,' expressed their gratitude to the entire college community and shared their remarkable experience during their tenure.

The College Union unveiled the name 'Ekta 2023' in a spectacular fashion, with a captivating flash mob performance, and to everyone's amazement, the name gracefully descended from the highest rooftop of the college building, creating a truly unforgettable moment. The Union formed the name 'Ekta' as it encapsulated the idea of individuals coming together as one, forming a strong bond and a sense of solidarity. The whole aura became even more electrifying when Jude Thomas took over the turntables, adding a touch of intensity to the event with his DJ skills.

In closing, Fine Arts Secretary I. S. Ardra expressed gratitude to everyone who made the inauguration a resounding success. It was a day filled with unity, creativity, and music, leaving an indelible mark on the Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy.

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