1. Foster women’s empowerment and inclusivity in education, aligning with our commitment to serving the nation and humanity.
  2. Promote academic excellence, ethical principles, and social sensitivity, in line with our vision of pursuing truth and righteous living.
  3. Infuse creativity and a competitive spirit among learners, harmonizing spiritual and intellectual adventures in the pursuit of truth.
  4. Equip students with learning, communication, and self-analysis skills, enabling them to carve their own space in the future.
  5. Promote innovative teaching-learning methods to foster creative scholarship and enrich young minds.
  6. Imbue students with virtues and values, creating morally and socially committed citizens in pursuit of righteous living.
  7. Inculcate a sense of social justice and responsibility, motivating students to contribute meaningfully to society through NSS and extension activities.
  8. Provide academic and financial assistance to socially, economically, and academically disadvantaged students, aligning with our commitment to serve humanity.
  9. Encourage students to actively participate in both academic and extracurricular activities, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie.
  10. Motivate and enhance the knowledge and experience of teachers through research activities, publications, and other promotional efforts, aligning with our pursuit of academic truth and excellence.
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