Sacred Heart College for Women, Chalakudy, established in 1980, has developed a sequence of impressive feedback mechanisms at various levels pertaining to different stakeholders to decipher whether the college functions satisfactorily in various dimensions and also whether its modus operand is in tune with the expectations of the associates concerned. The duly filled up feedback forms collected from all the stakeholders will then be forwarded to IQAC for close analysis. Every month the assorted and verified feedback analyses are systematically forwarded to the Principal for further validation and authentication of responses adhering to strict maintenance of confidentiality of received responses.

  • As teaching-learning processes form one of the pivotal essences in the functioning of an educational institution, to preserve the high quality of the noble domain of teaching that would further accentuate the advancement of learning process, each teacher’s feedback is taken from the student community in each semester. All the class teachers concerned will distribute the forms amongst the students and the responses are further consolidated and submitted to IQAC for critical scrutiny. On the foundational basis of these analyses, the Principal designs apt steps to heighten the quality and standard of teaching-learning process in the college.
  • Each faculty member of the college has to submit a monthly performance appraisal report documenting the progress graph of the academic and professional competency acquired hitherto with effect from the date of entry into service. This mode of stratagem serves as an effective feedback process by which both the institution and the faculty member concerned are to assess their levels of performance in varied fields of discipline.
  • The college maintains a Grievance Redressal Cell headed by the Principal and select senior staff of the college to attend to the immediate needs and queries, deposited in a box by the students of the college, who are free enough to express their opinions and feedbacks on any matters related to their expectations. Due and immediate care is also taken to see whether their grievances are duly addressed on a timely basis.
  • Annually, general body meetings of PTWA are held that function as platforms and floors for active discussions on ways of improvements based on the feedbacks received from the existing occupants of the college.


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