Right from the inception of the college, our policy has evolved towards engaging students in a comprehensive, experiential and educational approach to all aspects of sustainability and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. All policies are aimed at putting human ecology into action on campus and the local community and in the process we find ourselves changing not only light bulbs but also our conception of what it means to be ‘green’. Our policies echo our commitment to environmental and social justice that engages students, faculty and staff in the intellectual and practical life of the college.

Sacred Heart College has policies and affirmative action is taken to reduce our carbon footprint. Our long-term strategy is to champion conservation, follow an eco-friendly lifestyle by phasing out single-use plastics, reduce, recycle and compost waste, conserve energy and gradually shift to renewable resources and use non-toxic cleaning products. Green protocol of the state and Swachh Bharath Abhiyan are observed and promoted with focus on spreading and strengthening awareness.

The college has a policy framework for discarded waste reduction and material management like optimum paper usage, E-waste collection facility, electronics repair and establishing a zero-waste culture on campus by integrating it into activities.

The college has taken special attention to make the campus pedestrian friendly and restricted use of vehicles in the campus. Zebra lines are marked for crossing the roads inside the campus and there is no entry of vehicles at the front portion of the College as it facilitates the students to move freely through this path. The college encourages the use of bicycles and more eco-friendly battery powered vehicles than gasoline powered vehicles.

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