The college with the primary intent of enhancing the system of e-Governance for seamless and perennial access of invaluable data has resolved to put into effect the enriched usage of digital facility in the diverse areas of activities of the college. The obviously discernible areas of accomplishment are as follows:

  1. The website of the college gets continuously updated on a routine basis as and when the events take place. It, in essence, is a mirroring of the plethora of activities of the college, made easily accessible and available to the general public, to evaluate the commendable contributions made from the part of the college pertaining to both the academic and extended social responsibility terrains. A host of existing teaching and technical staff of the college undertake the responsibility of website administration and are actively involved in the act of updating the programmes held at the college level. All the significant blocks of information and achievements are posted via social media that include WhatsApp, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter.
  2. The process of admission for academic programmes (both UG and PG) has become wholly computerized except in case of seats kept reserved for candidates seeking admission in the management quota.
  3. The downward flow of communication from the Principal to the employees is being transacted on an online basis via the official WhatsApp group of the college, though not entirely. In a similar fashion, the communication between the class teachers and the students concerned in matters related to academic pursuits and parental attention is also transferred digitally. Moreover, all the regular updates related to payment of fees and scholarships are also conveyed in the digital format.
  4. The college exercises absolute adherence to stuffing of information related to salaried persons via SPARK (Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala) which is again an electronic means of info transfer.
  5. Staff and students of the college and research scholars with prior permission in the written format from the Principal and the UGC Librarian have free access to e-journals and e-resources provided in the college library. The students may avail the facility of INFLIBNET N LIST wherein they could easily navigate through the vast repository of e- resources that are helpful to them in carrying out minor research activities at the graduate and postgraduate levels. Moreover, the facility of anti-intellectual theft mechanism, Urkund Plagiarism Check facility is also made freely available in the college library to the members of the teaching staff.
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