Internal Compliance Committee

The Internal Compliance Committee was constituted in the college on 7th June 2017 as per the UGC (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students in Higher Educational Institutions) regulations. The ICC in association with the NSS unit and the Women’s Cell gives awareness classes on sexual harassment and abuse, legal measures etc. Staff and students are given the freedom to report any such cases. Concerned authorities are notified if any such cases are reported.

Despite the preventive efforts made by the committee, if any incidents of sexual harassment take place, the registration of complaints shall follow the following procedures.

  • Complaints can be lodged directly with any member of the committee. The person to whom the complaint is made should bring it to the notice of the committee within 2 working days of receiving it.
  • The complaint may be oral or in writing. If the complaint is oral, it shall be made in writing by the committee or the member who has received the complaint with the signature of the complainant.
  • A complaint should be lodged within six weeks of the incident. In extraordinary circumstances this could be extended to six months.
  • The committee shall study the complaint and may hear both the complainant and the accused and other involved parties to determine if an enquiry should be instituted. If so then an enquiry committee will be formed from the committee consisting of not less than 5 persons or not more than 7 persons. 70% of this committee will be women.
  • The process shall be complainant friendly and quick in its decision regarding whether the matter needs to be enquired into or can be taken care of by counselling or mediation.
  • The complainant may withdraw his/her complaint in writing at any time during the enquiry procedure. In such cases the procedure shall be terminated. If the committee feels or has enough reason to believe that the withdrawal is the consequence or effect of cohesion/ intimidation/ threat exerted by the accused or any person on his/her behalf the enquiry proceedings shall continue.
  • The enquiry committee shall complete the enquiry in the shortest possible time not exceeding 1 month from the date of complaint.
  • The enquiry committee shall provide a reasonable opportunity to the complainant and the accused for presenting/ defending their case.
  • The enquiry committee shall then submit a detailed report to the main committee in which it shall communicate its findings based on its investigation.
  • The main committee along with the enquiry committee will then forward its findings and recommendations to the management for further action.

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ICC Members 2023-24

Dr. Sr. Mini T V – Presiding Officer
Ms. Noble A Palliath – Teaching Faculty
Sr. Sheena Joseph K – Ministerial Staff
Ms Juliet George – Clinical Psychologist
Ms. Laya M A – Advocate, Bar Association, Chalakudy
Kum. Alaisha Christy Shaji – Student Representative


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