Sacred Heart College (Autonomous) Chalakudy

Govt Aided College Affiliated to the University of Calicut Re-accredited by NAAC with A+ grade (CGPA 3.28 out of 4) in 2023 (4th cycle)

Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), Chalakudy, is a higher education institution managed by the Alvernia province of Franciscan Clarist congregation. The College, established in 1980, as a junior college with Pre-degree Programmes was upgraded to a first grade status in 1991 and is presently offering nine Under Graduate , eight Post Graduate Programmes and a five year Integrated Psychology Programme. The motto of the college is "LUX IN TENEBRIS LUCET" (Light Shines in Darkness). The College is located in a peaceful semi urban locality, the lush green gardens and well designed infrastructure provide the perfect ambience for learning, sharing and development of the students.

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principal Prof.(Dr.) Sr. Reena Ittyachan

Our College has a long and proud tradition of offering an intellectually supportive and culturally inclusive environment that is complemented by state-of-the-art academic infrastructure.

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Sacred Heart College was crucial in directing my route to a successful career. I received useful insights and made informed decisions about my professional trajectory because of their devoted career services and experienced assistance. The college's assistance and resources provided me with the tools I needed to succeed in the job market and laid a firm basis for my future success, empowering me to become a financially independent woman.

Jessna Jose (2017-20)

It's a milestone in my life to have studied at SHC. It really helped me to upgrade my talents and perspectives, not only in academics but also in the political and social aspects. It brought me to a new vision of equality, freedom and personal relationships. Moreover, each person I met with here, both friends and faculty have been an inspiration in my future life which made me learn both what to be and what not to be. As a girl, I feel that this is the best place to become self-confident and be empowered to face challenges that we may face in the future. The atmosphere and the campus of the college are best for smooth studies. I surely consider those three years are really golden years in my life. For the ones who are looking for opportunities to grow, the best place is Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy.

Meegha Jimmy (2018-21)

As a member of the NSS Unit at Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy, I actively contributed to society through meaningful social work such as organizing awareness campaigns, blood donation drives, and cleanliness initiatives. These experiences not only helped me to grow personally and develop valuable skills but also provided me with a platform to make a positive impact on the community. Through the NSS Unit, I formed strong bonds with fellow members and teachers, creating lifelong memories and friendships. I highly recommend joining the NSS Unit to anyone seeking personal growth and the opportunity to make a difference in society.

Anisha K A (2018-21)

My college played a pivotal role in nurturing my empathy by fostering a diverse and inclusive community, offering courses that explored human behavior and cultural studies, and providing opportunities for experiential learning through volunteering and internships. As a part of the Septuagenarian Club, we were able to interact with people from different backgrounds which broadened my horizons and challenged my perspectives and helped me in a deeper understanding of others. Overall, my college experience helped me in my personal growth and the development of empathy.

Evlin Jose (2019-22)

I am incredibly fortunate to have been part of the SHC family, and to be within the remarkable Mathematics Department. The Department embodies a plethora of faculties who wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to their students' well-being, academic and personal growth. Their mentorship extended well beyond the confinement of the classroom, as they always engaged in discussions, provided invaluable career guidance, or simply lent a compassionate ear. This profoundly made an impact on my personal and professional development and also gave me the confidence to overcome life's hurdles. Without a doubt, I attribute my current successes to the nurturing environment fostered by the SHC family, and I'm sincerely grateful for the seeds they planted in me.

Rosemol M D (2018-20)

My college has played an invaluable role in shaping my career as an analyst programmer today. The academic curriculum and practical training provided by my college equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to acquire this job. My teachers not only imparted my theoretical knowledge but also shared their expertise, preparing me for the real-world challenges of the profession. The resources and facilities offered by my college, including computer labs, allowed me to gain hands-on experience and stay updated with the latest advancements in programming. I am forever grateful for the support I received from my college, as it truly paved the way for my accomplishments in this field.

Archana Venugopal (2015-17)

God can play a role in one's life in different ways. For me, God appeared through my mentors and teachers, healing the pain deep in my heart and stitching the wounds. Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy, has helped me regain my strength and accomplish my goals through many counselling and mentoring sessions. Special thanks to my teachers from Physics Department, Nijo Sir, Fency Ma'am and Clinical Psychologist Juliet Ma'am for caring for me.

Parvathy K S (2016-19)

My time at Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy, was a transformative period that propelled me towards a career in the film industry. Actively participating in arts and cultural events during my undergraduate studies groomed me into a cine artist today. The college's vibrant platform provided valuable opportunities to showcase my talent and develop my artistic abilities. The supportive environment and guidance from faculty and fellow artists were instrumental in my journey to success.

Parvathy K Lalu (2015-18)

Being the College Union Chairperson for two consecutive years was an incredible and rewarding experience. It provided me with ample opportunities to develop and refine my leadership and communication skills through collaborative efforts with students, faculty, and college administration. One of the most exciting aspects of my role was organizing diverse events such as the Arts Festival 'Aaravam' and other celebrations, which aimed to foster a vibrant campus culture and enhance student experiences. This experience further honed my skills in team management, event planning, and strategic advocacy. The lessons I learned during my tenure as Chairperson greatly contributed to my confidence and growth when I later joined Nehru Yuva Kendra under the Ministry of Youth Affairs as a National Youth Volunteer (2021-22).

Krishnageethi N S (2018-21)

I am extremely grateful for the remarkable support and opportunities I received during my time at Sacred Heart. The knowledge and skills I acquired at this esteemed institution inspired me to take up higher studies. My teachers gave me their unwavering support and fostered my intellectual growth and critical thinking abilities. They encouraged me to grab every opportunity that came my way. My time at SHC helped me strengthen my research capabilities and prepared me for the challenges I face today while pursuing my doctoral research.

Neenu Joy (2012-15)

Our college played a pivotal role in shaping my entrepreneurial aspirations. The college provided me with the necessary tools and resources to develop my entrepreneurship skills during my undergraduate studies. Thanks to their support and guidance, I established a successful cake-baking facility, turning my passion into a thriving business. The college's commitment to fostering innovation, coupled with dedicated mentors, paved the way for my entrepreneurial success. I am forever grateful for the transformative education and unwavering support, I received at SHC.

Aleena Reephel (2019-22)

My experience at Sacred Heart College was life-changing. The college provided me with exceptional education and unwavering support in sports. Thanks to the college's guidance and state-of-the-art facilities, I achieved national championships in Karate and Cycling. Thanks to the fitness programs I had been through my good physique and sporting achievements helped me join the police cadre, opening doors for a successful career. My College instilled discipline, perseverance, and valuable life skills, shaping me into who I am today. I am forever grateful for the transformative opportunities and holistic development offered by SHC.

Athulya K Sudhakaran (2015-18)

Sacred Heart College made me what I am today. I did my graduation in BA English Language and Literature. As a student, I was blessed to have the most amazing, efficient teachers and highly assistive management. I also had the opportunity to become a part of the Union for 3 years. I was able to excel highly in both academic and co-curricular activities, where I was given multiple opportunities to explore & expand my horizons. I will always be proud to be a Sacred Heartian...!!  

Sneha Mary Sabu (2018-2021)

Myself Ansalit Poulose, a Mathematics post graduate from the most reputed Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy. Instead of saying my credential, I would like to Say I'm a sacred Heartian. Moulding a stone to a beautiful sculpture is the talent of a great artist. Here I'm blessed to have immense of talented, dedicated and efficient team of teachers, who are the real heros of our academic as well as our own growth. The college provides every facilities and assistance for the development of each sacred Heartian. This is the place where I discovered the real me. I feel great privilege to be recognized as a Sacred Heartian. ❤️

Ansalit Poulose (2019-21)

It gives me immense pleasure to pronounce with pride that I have completed my bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy. The relationship between faculty and students was very cordial which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The department of mathematics played a pivotal role in shaping my career. The teaching staffs were excellent in imparting quality education. The three years spent here were splendid and helped me grow better professionally and personally. I would like to thank SH for crafting me into a "Better Person."

Athulya N. S. (2016-19)

I did my post graduation in Mathematics at Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy. Now I am working as a teacher in an aided school. I am really proud to be a Sacred Heartian. The college provides excellent academic opportunities as well as co-curricular activities. As a mathematics student, I was blessed to have a handful of experienced and dedicated teachers. They guide me in the subject and as well as in my career. I feel it as a great privilege to be a part of Sacred Heart.

Nitha Anandaraman (2017-19)

I did both my graduation and postgraduation in Mathematics at Sacred Heart College. It provides women with a comfortable ambience and excellent facilities to explore and express themselves. The dedication and passion of my teachers inspired me to become like them. And here I am, working as a guest lecturer at the same college.

Athira V (2018-20)

I am a proud Sacred Heartian. I did my graduation in BSC Mathematics. The college is loaded with handful of facilities and provide a great positive learning environment. The campus is hygienic and well-maintained. As a student I was blessed to have such experienced and highly supporting teachers. With this support I was able to perform good in both the academic and Co-curricular activities and was also able to win in different competitions. I feel very happy to be the part of Sacred Heart College. ❤️

Farsana Naseer

Three years of beautiful life in Sacred Heart College inspired me to achieve what I really wished to and wanted to get in my college life and academics. The experienced faculty members helped us with equality education , support and motivated to get through all the hurdles that came across in our academics. The well equipped facilities helped the students to get better understanding of the subjects and bring out the best in the students. I'm extremely grateful and extend my sincere gratitude to the management, teachers and the institution.

Anusree E A

Sacred Heart College has been an integral part of shaping me  to become the person I am. We had the freedom to chose what interests us with the faculty to guide us and the back support that we need to accomplish our dreams. Moreover, the cultural programs and different sessions held by Union as well as the department were the other highlights. Besides, my College gave me an opportunity to take responsibilities and make it into actions which helped me in growing my personal Skills. I really thank our teachers, staff and management who stood with me to get PhD Fellowship from University of North Texas, USA. My takeaway is a bunch of experience, knowledge and good memories.

Akhila Joy (2016-19)

I did my graduation in Chemistry at Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy. I am really proud to be a Sacred Heartian. The college provides excellent academic opportunities as well as co-curricular activities. As a chemistry student ,I was blessed to have a handful of experienced and dedicated teachers who provided me with great knowledge and that helped me to secure rank at University examinations. Also the college provides secure hostel accommodation. I feel it as a great privilege to be a part of Sacred Heart ❤️

Anu Santhosh (2017-20)

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