Libin Francis

Libin Francis, a native of the famous spiritual pilgrim place, called Muttuchira in Kottayam district. He has chosen Physics as his major for UG programme and graduated from MG University, Kottayam (CMS College, Kottayam). As a civil service aspirant, he preferred to study History and Sociology as his major subjects. Libin obtained two post-graduate degrees in History and Sociology from Indira Gandhi National University, Delhi and CMS College centre. His thrust for knowledge lead him to secure another B A degree in Religious Sciences with Alphonsian Institute of Theology, Palai (Kerala). He strived for the most prestigious Indian CIVIL SERVICE Exam – cleared preliminary and main examinations and appeared for the final interview in 2013. Thereafter, he worked as a faculty member at Civil Service Institute, Palai. Libin qualified UGC/JRF in History and served as a guest faculty for 2 years at St. Thomas College Palai, Kottayam. He joined Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy as assistant professor on 5th June, 2017


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