The Department of Mathematics commenced in the year 1981 under the leadership of Rev. Sr. Alben. In 2013, the department initiated B.Sc. Programme with Statistics and Computer Science as subsidiary subjects. The department has been elevated to Post-Graduate Department (Aided Stream) in 2014, which is an accomplishment of a long-cherished dream of the academic community who wish to pursue higher-level learning in Mathematical Sciences. The faculty of the department have research degrees from IIT, NIT and reputed universities, having specializations in diversified areas of Mathematics. Various academic and non-academic endeavours have been undertaken by the department for triggering curiosity and interests in learning the subject. The department has been confidently facing the challenges during the inception and evolution period with the earnest support of the management, college faculty and Mathematics fraternity.


  • To mould self-motivated empowered women in becoming assets to the society through established careers.
  • Promote to acquire deep-rooted knowledge in Mathematics by enhancing the power of the subject and relish the beauty of Math in nature.
  • To provide opportunities for interaction with prominent figures in the field of Mathematics.


To provide an enlightening environment in which the upcoming student community can develop a passion towards learning and perceiving the subject.


To elevate a morally and spiritually, compassionate student community and thereby uplift their potentials in Mathematical Sciences.

Our Facilities

Learning Resources:

The department has a library consisting of more than two hundred books. Students can access internet and various mathematical softwares including LaTeX using the computer facility provided at the department.

Teaching methods:

Apart from class room teaching, we follow a student participatory approach through seminars, assignments and project works.

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