Welcome to the Department of Economics, Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy

Economics is the study of how societies, governments, businesses, households, and individuals allocate their scarce resources. It is an exciting and increasingly important field of study which helps to gain a deeper understanding of our own situation as acting humans. The aim of our Department is to instill in the students the ability to think economically thereby enabling them to weigh up the costs and benefits of alternative courses of action before making an important decision.

The Department of Economics, Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy attained independent status in 1994 when the Government of Kerala sanctioned the B A Economics course. In 2012, the department started post graduate courses in Economics.


At its heart the Department of Economics strives to live by the mission of the Sacred Heart College. The mission of the Department of Economics is

  • to provide a high quality, relevant, interesting and even exciting education in economics
  • to achieve excellence in scholarship, teaching, learning, service to the community
  • to contribute to the scholarly, intellectual, cultural, social and economic development of the society and to interact closely with and being accessible to the people, institutions, organisations and businesses
  • to enable staff and students to develop their potential as individuals, scholars, professionals and people

Our Approach

With this end in mind, the department provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment for its students. The department of Economics is proud that it has an excellent track record of high pass percentage for all the outgoing batches.

The approach of the Department is ‘normative’. The relationship between the students and the faculty is open and friendly. Tutorial and pastoral care are given a high priority. The Department is equally keen to encourage all-round individual development. The department provides ideal environment for hard work and academic achievement. Apart from regular lectures, the teaching plan of the department includes assignments, student presentations, quizzes etc. Seminars and invited lectures are frequently conducted and guest speakers regularly invited to supplement the intellectual input. To link text to practice and to ensure effective citizenship and inculcate critical social and political outlook among the students, the Department of Economics has made it mandatory for all students above the age of 18 to attend the Grama Sabha in their Panchayat. The department organises the Frontier Dialogue Series which is intended to expose students to latest developments in Economics and its frontier areas. The alumni of the department supports an annual lecture series in honour of former Principal and Head of the department, Rev. Sr. Ritty Paul. The department has a team of well qualified and experienced faculty to support and stimulate the students.

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