Histrionics Club

College has a histrionics club functioning actively in order to encourage and motivate the students to develop their theatrical skills or acting skills. Dept of English is in-charge of the club. The club is functioning college wise. In fact the club activities serve to encourage the acting skills and the like artistic abilities in the students, and moreover help them to get rid of their inhibitions. Thus, those who participate in the club activities come out confident, carefree and positive. The club is planning to undertake three activities a year, like dramatic performances or poem enactments.

Staff  Co ordinator    : Ms. Darly Mathew, Dept. of English
Staff  Members           : Ms Femin Sunny, Dept. of English
Dr Sr A Princy Anto, Dept. of English
Ms Noble A Paliath, Dept. of English
Ms Anu Rose J Panakkal, Dept. of English
Ms Christy Jaison, Dept. of English
Ms Athira, Dept. of English
Ms Annette Treesa Benny, Dept. of English
Ms Keerthana Kannan, Dept. of English
Student coordinator  : Ms Ann Grace (II DC English)
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