Women Cell plays an important role in voicing opinions on important matters that affects daily life of women students. They provide a platform where students can comfortably participate and Share their views. They actively promote gender equality. The Women Cell, SHC was started with the aim of orienting and empowering women to recognize their true potential and help them to attain their own stand in competing world. Its goal is overall development of Sacred Heartians in all spheres of life. It also helps to create awareness related to important issues related to women and provides a form for discussions and deliberations on a range of issues from empowerment to enviornment. Women Cell seeks to mould young women force in campus to achieve thriving milestones of success in their life. It also seeks to empower young women to attain emotional, physical and mental freedom to withstand the changing phases throughout their life. Women Cell functions with added aim to enhance self esteem of young women and empowerment taking pertinent decisions. Important objectives include career guidance, functioning of counseling center, conducting health awareness classes, arranging classes about community living and giving them hands on training on social work and life skills.

Administrative Structure

Staff Coordinator: Ms. Sandra Juliet Jose ( Dept. of English)

Student Coordinator: Sr. Anit Mary (III BA English)

Reports/ Activities and Events/ Gallery

Report on self defense

Report on talk on higher education

Report workshop on women empowerment

Report on Cancer awareness program

Report on Panel discussion

Report on Gender awareness class

Report on Women in cyberspace

Report on celebrating IDWGS



Ms. Sandra Juliet Jose            jsandrajuliet@gmail.com


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