The evaluation scheme for each course shall contain two parts: viz., Internal evaluation (20% marks) and External evaluation (80% marks). The marks secured for internal assessment only need to be sent to university by the college concerned. After internal and external evaluation, marks are entered in the answer scripts. All other calculations, including grading will be done by the university using the software.

Internal Evaluation

The internal evaluation will be a continuous process. It will be done by the faculty members of the department of the institution where the candidate is pursuing the study. The internal assessment shall be based on a transparent system involving student’s performance in class tests, class room participation based on attendance in theory courses, assignments and seminars in respect of theory courses. For the test paper marks, at least one test paper should be conducted. If more test papers are conducted, the marks of the best one should be taken. To ensure transparency of the evaluation process, the internal assessment marks awarded to the students in each course in a semester shall be notified on the notice board at least one week before the commencement of external evaluation. There shall not be any chance for improvement for internal marks. The course teacher(s) shall maintain the academic record of each student registered for the course, which shall be forwarded to the university by the college Principal after obtaining the signature of both course teacher and Head of the department.

For 2/3 credit courses the external examination is for 60 marks and 2 hours of duration. Such courses have an internal component of 15 marks (60 external + 15 internal = 75 marks). 4/5 credit courses have an external examination of 80 marks and 2.5 hours duration. The internal mark for such courses is 20 (external 80+ internal 20 = 100 marks).

Mode of Exams

The internal examination cell is responsible for the conduct of internal continuous assessment examinations and audit course examinations for all the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the College. Two internal exams are usually conducting in each semester. The first internal for 1 h duration will be conducted after 2 months of commencing the particular semester and the II internal will be conducted after the whole portions of the respective semesters is completed. The second internal exams are conducting as University model examination.

Rules and Regulations
1) All students must be in their seats 5 minutes before the commencement of the examinations.
2) Students desks must be cleared of all books and notes.
3) Students are to bring their own pen, pencil, scale, etc. and are not allowed to borrow stationary items from each other.
4) Students who are late will not be given extra time and not allowed to write exam if the student enters half an hour late after the commencement of the examination.
5) Any form of electronic gadgets and communication devices are not allowed in the exam hall.
6) Students caught in possession of unauthorized materials such as notes, writing in hall tickets, etc. are not allowed to write rest of the examinations and/or face strict disciplinary action.
7) Communication of students with each other verbal or non-verbal during the exam time will be considered as a serious offence.
8) Students are allowed to leave the examination venue only after the stipulated time of examination.

Internal Examination Cell Members
 Dr. Santhosh Paul, Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Chemistry
 Dr. Nidhin T J, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
 Mr. Nijil Jacobi, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
 Mr. Jose James, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
 Ms. Smina M.B, Assistant Professor, Department of History
 Ms. Nayana Sreedharan, Assistant Professor on contract, Department of Commerce

E-mail: examinationcellshcollege@gmail.com

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