Research Projects

Sl No. Title of project Sponsoring agency and amount Name of principal investigator
1 Production of vermi compost and manufacture of Animal feed for earth worm UGC Minor Project, Rs. 85000 Dr. Valsala A.D. Associate Professor, Dept. of Zoology
2 Studies on the growth and characterisation on L – arginine dimaleate single crystal UGC Minor Project, Rs. 130000 Dr. Reena Ityachan, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics
3 Water Quality Testing and Purification using Activated Carbon Materials UGC Minor Project, Rs. 190000 1). Dr. Santhosh Paul (Principal investigator) 2). Prof. Daisy M C (Co-investigator)


UGC Minor Project Final Report

1. Final Report- Dr. Santhosh Paul


2. Final Report- Dr. Reena Ittyachan


3. Final Report- Dr. Valsala A

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