Student Associations and Clubs

Clubs and Associations open the door to a new world of knowledge and experience. At Sacred Heart, we have a host of Clubs and Associations. Apart from enhancing students’ academic lives, Clubs help to explore talents and build new friendships.

Civil Service Club

  • Civil Service Orientation Programme

The Department of History in association with Career Guidance Cell has initiated a Civil Service Club and launched a 50-hours intensive Civil Service Orientation course for first year and second year students of all departments from December 3rd 2019 onwards for the first years. There were classes regularly for both the batches until the college had been closed due to COVID-19. From July 2020 onwards, online classes have been conducting via Google Meet classroom sessions. We have completed the 50 hours programme by January, 2021.

  • Youth Fire Debate- CMC Vision

A debate programme was organized by the Civil Service Club of SH College, Chalakudy in association with CMC Vision Channel as part of their campus Youth Fire Show on 5th March 2020. Two topics were debated by our students splitting into four groups. Mr. Libin Francis, Asst. Professor, Dept. of History and Coordinator of Civil Service Club, organized the programme and moderated by psychologist Mr. Rejin. The programme would be streamed in the YouTube channel of CMC Vision later.

The topics of debate were:

  1. Poverty alleviation or space programs, which is to be given priority?
  2. Does family system is getting changed in the transforming world?

The best debator awards were also given to four students, each with a cash prize of Rs. 500. The best debators are

  1. Evlin Jose, II DC English
  2. Alphy Francis, II DC B.Com
  3. Sanchal Maria, II DC Economics
  4. Kausalya P, II DC Physics
  • Independence day Competitions-

As part of commemorating the 74th Independence Day of our country, Dept. of History in association with Civil Service Club had organised two competitions for the students of our college. One competition was the Speech competition on the topic ‘Significant milestones in the post-independent India in your observation’. Around 15 students from various departments had participated. Another Competition was Online poster making competition which was attended by 10 students. The first, second and third prizes were 1000,600 and 400 for Speech competition and Rs. 500,300 and 200 or the poster competition.

  • Result of Speech Competition
  1. Evlin Jose , II DC English
  2. Meegha Jimmy, III Dc History
  3. Afrina  K.R, II DC English
  • Poster Competiton
  1. Anna K Seby, II MSc Maths
  2. Swathy Krishna, III DC History
  3. Anitha Antony, II MSc Maths.
  • Speech Competition on the topic ‘Support our supporters’

A speech competition was organised by SH Civil Service Club on 19th and 20th January, 2020, in order to create awareness among the students to the causes of farmers in our country. It was open for all students of our college.

  • Results
  1. Aurita Anto, I DC English
  2. Meegha Jimmy, III DC History
  3. Kausalya, III DC Physics.


The Club is affiliated to the Department of Economics. It channelizes students’ energies to conserve environment. ENCON Club of our college won the BEST ENCON CLUB AWARD constituted by  BPCL


Affiliated to the Department of English, the Club conducts Theatre workshops and actively takes part in drama competitions.


Energy club is affiliated to the Department of Physics. It organizes and supports various energy conservation measures and practices. ‘Save Energy’ is the motto of the Energy club.


Tourism Club aims at creating proper awareness about tourism among students. Under the Department of History, the members of the Club conduct tours to various historically and environmentally important places in Kerala.


Quiz Club meets every month and discusses the major events of the month. Members participate in quiz competitions conducted by colleges and organizations.


The word “Oasis” literally describes a peaceful area in our everyday life. The motto of this club is to provide a happy and peaceful moments in the life of the struggling people in the society whom are ignored by the people in their fast life. The club also focuses on developing the service mentality within the students.


The club organizes monthly quiz competitions for students of the department,prepares newsletter of the department and organizes writer’s day celebration.


Affiliated to the Department of English, the Club conducts Theatre workshops and actively takes part in drama competitions.


The aim of the club is to conduct various activities related to awareness and conservation biodiversity – such as Quiz programs, poster making competitions as well as classes on different aspects of biodiversity. Field visits is organised as a part of the club activities to biodiversity rich areas each year.


The Eco Club places an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generations. It aims at promoting the ethos of conservation of environment and to keep our surrounding green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees. The motto is to sensitize the students to environmental issues. The genesis of this program is to mobilize the ideas for conservation of the earth and its resource.


The Debate Club named as VAGYUDH with the motto “LET’S QUESTION EVERYTHING”, aims at bringing forward the talents of students in the arena of debate. The club is dedicated to the art of debating and persuasive speaking.


The Entrepreneurship Development Club aims at helping students turn their ideas and passions into business and develop future business leaders. It provides opportunity for students to interact with entrepreneurs and know the field inside out.


The ET club is the group of Economic Times readers, whose main efforts are to share the knowledge they gained by reading the Economic Times newspaper. This helps the students for keeping up with the latest trends in the field of business.


Eureka club belongs to the department of Chemistry. This club stands for Chemistry innovations, application and practical side of what we learn, conducting Mobile labs at various schools, etc.




Music and dance Club of Sacred Heart College is in the forefront of organizing music and dance fests. Our students participate in various cultural competitions conducted by different colleges.


Women’s cell was formed to organize various activities aimed at empowering women. It conducts seminars and workshops on women’s education.


Red Ribbon Club is affiliated to the NSS unit of the college. The club conducts seminars and awareness sessions aimed at spreading awareness about AIDS.

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