Kho Kho is a traditional Indian sport, being one of the oldest outdoor sports dating back to ancient India. It is the second most popular traditional tag game in the Indian subcontinent after Kabaddi.

During the game, nine players from the chasing team (attacking team) are on the field, with eight of them sitting (crouched) in the central lane, while three “runners” from the defending team run around the court and try to avoid being touched. Each sitting player on the chasing team sits facing alternating directions from the central lane. At any time, one player on the chasing team (the “active chaser” or “attacker”) may run around the court to attempt to tag (touch) members of the defending team, with one point scored per tag, and each tagged defender required to leave the field; however, the active chaser can not cross the central lane to access the other half of the field, and also must only run in the direction (facing either pole) they took their first step in.

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