Dance Club

The club envisions to encourage the talent of students in several dance forms. The club conducts several dance competitions for the students. The club members actively participate several cultural programs in the college. The club performs several dance forms as part endeavors relating of social commitments too.

Staff  Co ordinator    : Ms. Smitha Davis (Department of Mathematics)
Staff  Members           : Ms. Christy Jose (Department of English)
Ms. Aiswarya (Department of Physics)
Ms. Libi Prakash (Department of Physics)
Ms. Keerthana P K (Department of English)
Ms. Sindhu T (Department of Computer Science)
Ms. Syama I (Department of Physics)
Ms. Niveditha (Department of Psychology)
Ms. Anju P B (Department of Economics)
Ms. Revathi MS (Department of Commerce)
Ms. Farsana P M (Department of Commerce)
Ms. Anju P A (Department of Commerce)
Ms. Rani Pauly (Department of Zoology)
Ms. Mable Varghese (Department of Zoology)
Smt. Rani (Non-Teaching Staff)
Smt. Sini (Non-Teaching Staff)
Student coordinator  : Irfana Sherin K S (Fine Arts Secretary) – II BA Economics
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